Top Rated Games

Genre: Action  Rating: 10.00  Downloads: 901

Fiend is a mixture of an adventure and an action game, much like famous games like Resident Evil and Alone in the dark. You guide your characater throught the adventure by investegating diffrent locations, reading books in the libaray, talking to various people, finding equipment and much more.

Genre: Arcade  Rating: 9.80  Downloads: 1135

Snok is a first person multiplayer 3D snake game.

 Flight Of The Amazon Queen
Genre: Adventure  Rating: 9.75  Downloads:1468

You are Joe King, a pilot who has gotten a mission to fly a rich movie star into the amazon forest. Unfortunately, your plane is struck by lightning, and crash. When you to get help you notice something strange is happening to the amazons. And suddenly you have to save the world from a mad professor.

To play this game, you need ScummVM.

 Spice Trade
Genre: Strategy  Rating: 9.75  Downloads: 1109

Spice Trade takes place in Baghdad (and later in the game in other places in europe and the middle east) in the 12th century. The main character is Abu Al-Qazzaz, a poor guy who has inherited some land and a house. With that, you must try to build up your spice trading business.

This game is not for the impatient. For almost every action you do in the game, you must wait about 10 seconds, while a small animation and a text tells you what you’re currently doing. It doesn’t really look like the waiting is due to load time either, so I don’t really see why the programmers included such long waiting time in the game.
Also, it’s not an easy game, at least not to begin with. There’s not a lot of info in the game, so you’re pretty much left to trying out stuff on your own.

Once you get into it, though (if you are patient enough to play it for long enough to get into it), it is a very intresting game. I don’t think I’ve seen a game before where you play a Muslim and the Christians are the “evil” ones. The trading is also quite intresting, once you get into it, and the roleplaying parts of the game spices up the gameplay.

Unfortunately, the game seems a bit unfinished. You’ll find a lot of bugs in the game, and combined with what I’ve said earlier about the waiting and lack of info, it just doesnt seem complete. The graphics are nice and detailed, but nothing fancy 3d graphics or anything.
To run this game you need to download Java as well, if you don’t already have it installed.

 Wulfram II
Genre: Strategy  Rating: 9.57  Downloads: 1520

In a place and time far away from where we are today, two intergalactic forces fight for control over a few strategic planets. In large antigravity hovertanks battle lines are being drawn. A commander controls mammoth spaceships orbiting far above the battlefield. New temporary military bases are being built as the enemy is destroying old ones. The goal? Complete annihilation of the enemy.

Genre: Strategy  Rating: 9.50  Downloads: 1256

Robocode is a programming game, where you program your own robot in Java. Each robot starts with 100 hit points, and the goal is to shoot the other robot(s) and reduce its hitpoints to 0. You can run your robot against sample robots that comes together with the game, or you can download other people’s robots.

If you haven’t done any programming before, robocode is quite hard, but it is a very fun way to learn programming! Also for those who know some programming, it’s a great way to test your skills.

If you want some more info abot the game, or some tips or other bots to look at, you should check out RoboWiki. There you’ll find tips, tutorials, code snippets, and other stuff to help your bot. You can also find other people’s bots, or you can enter your robot into the RoboRumble: A league where you test how your bot is compared to the others.

Be warned, you’ll become addicted to this game if you get into it! But then, RoboCode isn’t a bad thing to get addicted to! A really good “game”!

Dark Woods 2
Genre: Adventure  Rating: 9.50  Downloads: 816

An ASCII based adventure game. You play Eduin, a fearless adventurer, and in order to win the game you must find your old village. To do so, you must complete 11 different levels, where your goal is to either kill all enemies, or to get to the exit door. You can also download custom fan-made levels to play.

 Summer Bound
Genre: Puzzle  Rating: 9.50  Downloads: 1504

You control a ball, which bounces up and down, and you can control the sideways movement of this ball. The goal of the game is to remove all the colored blocks from the level. To do so, you must first change your ball into the correct color, then fly it to the block you want to remove.

Genre: Action  Rating: 9.47  Downloads: 1908

BZFlag is a multiplayer 3D tank battle game.

 CodeRED: Martian Cronicles
Genre: Action  Rating: 9.43  Downloads: 1058

Martian Cronicles is the successor to CodeRed: Battle For Earth. The game picks up 6 years after the original, when you have been sent to Mars to investigate missing combat troops. The game has the same good graphics as the original, and lots of intresting levels.

 Blasto 3D
Genre: Arcade  Rating: 9.43  Downloads: 1001

Blasto 3D is a remake of an old game. You control a tank, trying to blast trough a minefield, and remove the mines. There is also a 2-player mode, where you also have to try to shoot your opponents tank. Fun, but gets boring after a couple of games, because there aren’t very much variation in the game.

Genre: Puzzle  Rating: 9.39  Downloads: 1495

Supaplex is a great old DOS game where you control “Murphy”, a smiley that moves around inside a computer and picks up computer chips. That is not easy though, you’ll meet boulders, scissors, exploding disks, and more, which you have to avoid, or use to make your way through the levels. This may sound simple and stupid, but the game is actually very good and challenging. There are 111 levels (more can be downloaded from the internet), and many of them are very hard. It’ll take many hours to get through all of them.
The game was made in 1991, and so, the graphics are of course not very good, but you don’t need anything better for a game like this.

This game was originally made for DOS, so you may not be able to run the game straight away in Windows XP. Read the spfix63.doc file that comes with the game, or read around on the download website for tips on how you can get it to work correctly. I had to use the command line options “spfix63.exe *5 H” to get it to work. If you’re still having problems, it should work if you use DOSBox.

Genre: RPG  Rating: 9.34  Downloads: 4343

A massive multiplayer online game that you play through your browser. You walk aroung in a large world, killing monsters, completing quests and interacting with other players. In the game, there are more than 10 skills that your character can become better in. These include mining, cooking, and of course, fighting.
You can play almost everything for free, bur to have full access to all the features, including a couple of more skills, and a larger world, you’ll have to pay a small amount of money.

 Jetmen Revival
Genre: Action  Rating: 9.34  Downloads: 2019

Two players on the same computer controls a spaceship each, and chooses between 23 different weapons. The goal is to destroy the enemy ship.

 Nuclear Nibble 3D
Genre: Arcade  Rating: 9.33  Downloads: 1083

A 3D version of the classic games snake, worm, nibble, and all that kind of games. The game has 10 different maps, and is really fun for some time, but it’s not very addictive in the long run.

Genre: RPG  Rating: 9.29  Downloads: 2030

Arkoss is the combination of an action title and a role-playing game. The action is implemented through the frequent, fast-paced, real time battle sequences. The role-playing portion is demonstrated with character choices, non-player character interactions, quests, and character development. A balanced combination of these two styles will give the player a fun and new gaming experience.

 Virtual Resorts
Genre: Sport  Rating: 9.28  Downloads: 1256

Virtual Resorts are actually several snowboardong games made to promote different ski resorts. The games availible are Virtual Stratton and Virtual Breckenridge.