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If you know a free game that should be on this site, please use this form:

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Before submitting, please note that the game will not be added to Free Games Fun if:
– The game isn’t a completely free game. No shareware or commercial games will be accepted
– You do not place a link back to Free Games Fun somewhere on the website of the game
– The game is terribly bad. Although the requirements for quality isn’t terribly high, I may reject the game if it is completely horrible.

Also note that browser based games are generally not accepted any more, as I want to make this site into a pure download-site. I know there are some browser-based games on this site, and I may make an exception if the game is very good, but don’t expect that the game will be added.

The game will be reviewed as soon as possible, but I can’t guarantee when I’ll review it. If it hasn’t been reviewed within 2 weeks, please try resubmitting the game.