Frequently Asked Questions
How do I download games from this site?
This varies from game to game. For some games, we have a direct link to the download, meaning you can just click the “get this game here” link, and the download will start.
Many of the games aren’t hosted on our site, and the link will instead take you to the website of the creator of the game, or somewhere else where you can download the game. From there, you’ll need to find the download yourself. For most of the games, it should be pretty obvious where the download link is, if it isn’t just contact me, and I’ll try to help you.
Some of the games on this site are browser based games, meaning you don’t have to download anything to play. The link just takes you directly to the site where you can play the game.
The download doesn’t work
First of all, be sure that you have done exactly as the above question says. If you get a 404 error when you click the “get this game here” link, the link is probably dead. Contact me, and I’ll try to fix it. If you click the link and get to a site, but cannot find the game, contact me, as well, and I’ll check it out.
I’ve downloaded the game, how do I play it?
First you usually have to install the game. If the file you downloaded has a .exe ending, just click on that file, and follow the instructions on the screen, and the game will be installed.
If the game has a .zip or .rar or something similar, you’ll need to use a program to extract it. I’d reccomend WinRar, as it can be used to extract many different types of files. Download that program, double-click on the game you’ve just downloaded, click extract, and choose where you want to install the game. Then find that directory on your computer, and click the .exe file in that directory. Usually that is the game itself, but sometimes it can be another install program.
I can’t get the game to work/There’s a bug in the game
You can always contact me about it, maybe I’ve experienced the same problem when I tried the game. But most likely, I can’t help you much with this problem. Try to contact the creators of the game. Many of the links leads to a website where you can download the game. On that site, you can usually find the email-address of the creator(s). If the game is a direct download, you can sometimes find a way to contact the creators within the game, or in the readme file. Usually, they know a lot more about the problem, and can help you with it.